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Welcome: Lose Your Mind!

I've discovered that one of the biggest challenges with weight loss is the weight in the mind. If your mind is still obese, then physical training will not produce the results that are really needed. There have been instances where I would lose the weight, but the insecurities, low self-esteem, and identity confusion was still present. Want to know what happened as a result of that? Of course! You're right, I gained most of the weight back. We must train our minds in the process, because exercising the mind is just as essential as exercising the body. This post is titled 'Lose Your Mind', because as you're undergoing mental training, you must lose your old way of thinking. Oh yes, expect the stares and weird looks, LOL. Once you lose just an ounce of insecurity, you're going to display a boldness unimaginable. See, other people opinions and perspectives are a weight that you unconsciously carry too. Sometimes THEY become accustomed to the "old you" that once you start to change, many cannot handle it and will begin to question your progress. Losing2GainMore was designed to coach individuals mentally which includes providing support as the physical goals are obtained.

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